Changing Lives with QNRT ®


  •  Professional with Healthcare Degree  examples: (DC, DO, ND, DIM, MD, RN, PA, LCSW, LAC, Psych., Etc.)  
  • Three Part Seminar / Workshop Series Completion
  •  Successful Technique Proficiency Exam /Skills Demonstration
  • Non Compete - Non Disclosure Agreement

  If you  have questions regarding your qualifications, e-mail us at we will be happy 
  to review your credentials. 

 QNRT Certification term is three years.  Re-certification requirements:

Completion of 16 hours of continuing education provided by the QNRT Professional Association. CE credits are offered through live seminars, webinars, conference calls and on line courses.

QST Seminar Requirements:

Must be a licensed Chiropractor to attend or a current chiropractic student in at least the second year of chiropractic school.